Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Sweet Onam and a FREE ONAM Sadhya Recipe Book

I remember as a child being sick of home work and saying 'I wish I was an adult', and now 'I want to be a child once again'. Age warns I am truly unfit, but my childish heart still can sense the kiss of dew drops, on touching the grass in slumber, as I want to lie down on the soft green grass and hear the wind whisper.

As Malayalees are getting ready for another Onam, wherever in the world it is an experience like 'ten thousand roses blooming at the same time'. Wherever we are in the world, this is an occasion when memories flood our mind, taking us back through a nostalgic journey, making us want to be with our parents, brothers, sisters and childhood friends. To those of us who think, we are old, but to whoever knew Cloves are little white flowers before they dried up, and used in our food day in and out.

A few things that first comes to my mind about Onam is the The Aranmula Boat Race which is the oldest boat race in Kerala, I was lucky to watch this at close quarters for three straight years in my life when I was in college in Kerala. It is a feast to the eyes to watch the snake boats moving to the rhythm of songs and chanting people. About 30 to 40 snake boats take part in this lavish annual event, organised on the banks of Pampa river.

The next on list was an unparalleled feast to the eyes and taste buds, the Onam Sadhya. Food, glorious food! Kerala Onam will never be complete without the Onam Sadhya (visit to download your FREE copy of the Sadhya recipes book). I am talking about home made fresh food. Yes, fresh food made from scratch, unlike today as we prefer to walk into a restaurant and save the hassle. Seriously for me no compromise on my Sadhya, will still make it at home. Often the starters, side dishes, desserts, all add up to more than 20 in number, but the best part is, it being served on the fresh Banana Leaf.

Kerala Payasam – Oh wow! Extraordinary! Super! Can you ever imagine a Sadhya (feast) ending without Payasam. The 24th annual Payasam Mela of 2011, organised by Kerala Tourism Department in Trivandrum has more than 10 different Payasam to choose from, for those eager to enlighten their sweet buds. The 3rd edition of our Onam recipes book has five Payasam for those sweet lovers and I promise to increase to 10 in the next issue in 2012.

I may not be in Kerala now, but this expat Malayalee is having no trouble following in the eating footsteps of locals when it comes to Onam. Happy Holidays!

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I take the pleasure of wishing you and your family members a Happy Onam.

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