Thursday, July 5, 2012

Re: Most Popular Indian Food Recipes

On Mission Weight Loss? Head to yummy salad junctions

In today's fast pace and hectic life, salads have become an inseparable part of Delhiites lifestyle. Health conscious people are giving more preference to organic and low calorie foods like salad.


Exotic Pizza Parlours

Who would not like to gorge on a crispy bite of lot of cheese with colourful vegetables? After eating a pizza you are bound to utter the 'yummy' word. Whether you are hungry or not, the mere mention of pizza easily makes you crave for one.


Balai Ka Tukra Recipe

This deliciousIndian recipe is also called shahi tukra .This is a mouth watering sindhi recipe and a great dessert for times when you are in hurry. Don't miss to devour on this royal dessert in this auspicious festival.


Hot And Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is quick, delicious and Chinese cuisine inspired soup recipe. Dish out this appealing veg soup as a starter or appetizer. Hot and sour soup is a light meal which can be eaten any time of day.


Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

This homemade cream of mushroom soup is a quick and simple recipe which can prepared in 10 minutes.  This soup has a rich and creamy texture makes everyone to fall in love with it.


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