Monday, April 23, 2012

Free of cost e-mail marketing tip

Email marketing is one of the highly used medium to reach thousands of
peoples through internet but it isn't that much effective in most of
the cases. Until and unless you have a good, established & reputable
website with genuine client base, it doesn't work well. Though it cost
little but what is the use of paying if it doesn't work especially
when you are doing it first time or new to email marketing.

Let me share you a free-of-cost approach to market your company, I'm
sure most of you guys are already aware of it but in case if anyone

From couple of months, I have been marketing my blogs through GOOGLE
GROUPS. Marketing blogs via groups is a good and free of cost idea but
it will take a lot of time, you need to hire staff or otherwise you
auto-posting bots to do so but auto-bots will make it spamming. Well,
here is how I am doing it and driving instant traffic – I got 15 gmail
accounts and each account has 200 groups. I use tools like iMacro/
Robomaker to post a single message with spinning text at all of these
groups, so how many members I approach, let's say 15*200*150=450,000
members. (Actually, there are more members than that!). I know your
next question would be about moderated groups, well, yes some of
groups are moderated and may allow the post to be published if they
like it anyhow, who cares, at-least I am having 300k members in half-
an-hour. Good enough for free!

Is it spamming?

Well, in first thought YES it is – spamming includes duplicate content
in every single post but what IF it is UNIQUE or different every time?
See, I use advanced spinning techniques every time before any post,
making it look bit different or sometimes truly unique, just to make
Google thinks I am not spamming.

I have been using this approach from lots of month and I know how much
effective it is, I am trying to add more and more groups in my lists
with higher member base. If you guys out there aren't using this
technique yet, go ahead, I'm sure you will have better results like
me. I won't share my email but if you like, I got Robomaker bots
available for sale – all you have to do is make emails, join groups
and put them in a csv file at your desktop and let the bot now the
path then put subject line and message in the bot and execute it.

{If a|A}nyone {require my|want} {help|assistance}, do {tell me|let me
know} – it would be my pleasure helping you out!


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