Monday, April 16, 2012

Automate your daily tasks :)

Hi lovely readers,

I hope I'm not bothering anyone of you guys today.

I was wondering if anyone of your guys is having difficulties with
their routine web based tasks like copying large data, updating large
data manually, sending emails to hundreds of people, getting META tags
or keywords from thousands of websites, searching keyword ranks at
Google, form filling, uploading products to your online portals and
hundreds of other tasks that you think are taking too much time and
you have to do it every day!

Well, I use one of the best automation tools available – Kapow
Robomaker. I hope you are already aware of it, don't worry if you're
not, google it out. Anyhow, I am expert Robomaker bot maker and I can
make you fully customized bots which you can use to automate
everything. Like this groups posting:), this single message is
broadcasted to 600 different groups without having it posted
separately. Cool isn't it.

Software cost 5,000us$ if you purchase it from the company website but
I can offer you great discount if you re-purchase from me. I will make
you bots depending on your requirements and help you out in installing
and utilizing the software until you get to know how it works and how
to make bots yourself!

Contact me by replying my email. Believe me; I have tell anything
about this software, there are thousands of other tasks that you can
perform. All it takes is little time at start and then easy life


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