Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hot and tangy, this dish is from the heart of beautiful Goa on India's Western coast. Cooked in vinegar and typically served 1 – 2 days after it is made. A great dish to make when entertaining as it can be made ahead of time. The Vindaloo was originally a Portuguese dish which took its name from the two main ingredients which were 'Vinho', is wine which is Vinegar; and 'Alhos' Garlic. Pork essentially the key ingredient and most commonly used, but you can substitute Beef or Chicken. This recipe I have been holding close to my heart for a long time as it is from my friend Martin's Mum who gave me the taste of Vindaloo when I was in Goa.


Pork Vindaloo


Traditionally Potato is not added, as opposed to the wrong understanding of the name Vind – 'Aloo' which in Hindi is Potato. In this recipe I did use Potatoes for these reasons:

  1. Potatoes does absorb a lot of the spiciness
  2. Potatoes add a lot of flavour, sweetness and smoothness to the gravy also thickens it
  3. New Potatoes are firmer and using them will keep its shape to a great extent during the extended cooking
I am reminded of my journey to Goa for the first time in my life to undergo my internship in Ramada Caravela Beach Resort on Varca Beach and during the busiest time of Indian holiday calendar September-March. I was astounded by the beauty of this little place aptly called "The land of Sun, Sand and Sea" and for the next six months it was just fun. For me I always wanted and still enjoy the calmness and slow paced lifestyle of a village enviornment and this place offered everything I wanted. Apart from the beauty of the place it was the hospitality of the people and food that drove me mad. Everything has an influence by the 400 years of occupation by the Portuguese, food, people, dressing….

If you are India this is a must try place and working there I have met couples who have returned to this place more than five times in there lifetime and they still want to come back. It is so so much additive. Goa Tourism is the official website for knowing Goa and booking places in there. 'Le Navigateur' is belongs to my friend who does exclusive packages to Goa.

Coming back to life….  please visit our website for the full and authentic recipe:


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