Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paneer Butter Masala (Paneer Makhani)

Want to impress your man? Don't worry if you haven't made this before and been longing to make this at home. This is your ticket to the best ever Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Makhanwala (Butter). A delightfully simple and creamy curry, full of flavours and bursting with colour.

As the name suggests, we have tried a several times before we finally decided to blog it. We thought it is a good time during Lenten Season when most Christians are observing a fast, this recipe could be added to there list of vegetarian recipes. The best part is, whenever we made this all ingredients were made from scratch, and we must say, making it with home-made Paneer is so much more delightful and delicious. You will notice the change as most shop brought Paneer is rubbery. You would stop to ask yourHome Made Paneer Plain Versionself is this Milk? It is also more yellowish, compared to the Milk White Paneer made at home. We are not saying it is not time consuming, but certainly you will enjoy the experience. 'You will love it, go!'

The Process Starts Here:


Make the Paneer (also known as Un-matured Cottage Cheese) in advance and can be stored in your fridge for three days maximum I would say, or move to your freezer.

Read here the making of Paneer. It is the same proHome Made Paneer Plain Versioncess, except that I did not add Coriander and Chilli bits, as mentioned. Probably you would have heard people using Lime juice as a curdling agent for Milk. But, I would say, 'use simple sour Yoghurt' and the yield will be much more. Try it! I have!

You will need about 150 grams Paneer for this recipe. 


Make this on the day you need it. Read here the making of Makhani Gravy. Butter Chicken uses the same gravy; follow Stage 1, preparation for Makhani Gravy.

Here I used sweet Vine Tomatoes and the alternatives to this is Plum Tomatoes or Cherry Vine Tomatoes as these are sweeter than the normal ones. If you are buying the normal ones, look for the ripe red ones and cook them over low flame for and extended time to eliminate the bitterness in them. (if you see the shop recipes they add Tomato paste instead of fresh Tomatoes which has added Sugar)

Use about half of the ingredients to make the gravy.


To read the FULL RECIPE please visit:

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