Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crispy and Indulgent Hazelnut & Orange Marmalade Palmier – Chacko's Kitchen

Cookies and candies make wonderful holiday gifts and great to share with friends. Palmier (pronounced palm-yays) also known as Elephant ears or Butterfly is one such favorite among children and adults, made from Puff Pastry with various fillings.

Puff Pastry is also known as 'leaf pastry' or 'mille-feuilles' in French, which means '1000 leaves'. It is a light, flaky and unleavened Pastry made by repeatedly layering (folding), dough and Butter. Claudius Gele from France in 1645 invented Puff Pastry, who wanted to bake a delicious loaf of bread for his sick Father. Claudius father was prescribed a diet consisting of Water, Flour and Butter.

Claudius decided to prepare a dough and pack it with Butter, later roll and then fold it (never mashed, as it will destroy the layering). He followed the same procedure about 10 times, resulting is a fine roll of Pastry that had very fine interchanging layers of Dough and Butter.

What makes this Pastry Puff up?

Butter has a large content of Water and this escapes during baking process, enabling the layers of dough to rise and puff up. In some certain preparations like Apple Turnover, it is advisable to make hole with fork or a pin to allow the Water vapour to escape, or else it could rise too much resulting in broken and shriveled crust.

Although Puff Pastry can be made from scratch at home, and is easy to make, I used shop 'JusRol' pastry sheet.

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