Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new element when break.


A new element when break. 
Element Name: GiRl
sign: G
JAtomic Weight: don't even dare to ask
bodily Properties..
=>boils at anything


1.        sheikh samndar mai dob gya.
is ne DUA ki ya Allah muje nikal de mai teri rah mai 
chaawal ki degh dun ga, 
to 1 lehar ne isko bhar nikal dya, 


There are 6 components of wellness
Proper weight and diet,
Proper exercise,

·                                 you are my sweeet Sona

·                                 when you r hurt by the person

·                                 cricket SMS

·                                 Principle to students

·                                 ULOAD

·                                 SMile for UUU

·                                 Smile For The Ones U Love…

·                                 I wish I were a ring

·                                 GOOT Taste!

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