Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bathroom designs Video and bicture

Bathroom designs Video and bicture

Bathrooms warmth and comfort
Bathrooms are those warm and private rooms in your house where you can
go to take a soothing shower or luxurious bubble bath and let go of
all the day's stresses. You spend more time in your bathroom then you
even realize. It tends to be the first and last room you use at the
start and end of each day and it's the room most often seen and used
by any visitors to your home.

One great tip for getting started, if you want to design your own
bathroom, is to put your bathroom ideas down on paper first so you can
build up a kind of game plan for what you expect to happen and the
final results you want to see


Do you want something functional, beautiful, or both?
Do you want to install luxury appliances such as a bathtub with a
jacuzzi or a shower with several shower heads that spray out at all
How many people do you have sharing this bathroom?
How easy will it be to keep this bathroom clean?
How comfortable is this bathroom going to be?

Set yourself up with a budget next. Make sure to include costs for
contractors, electricians and plumbers if you're not a do-it-
yourselfer. Even if you're a DIY fan, some remodeling issues can
demand the need for outside and professional help so allow for this in
your budget.
This way you know the basic cost of things

Then begin looking for the types of items you'd like to purchase for
your new bathroom layout.

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