Friday, July 30, 2010

30 Tips for cooking |


  1. Plan all jobs before starting work.


  2. Use specially designed knives for every job – slicing,dicing,peeling,boning etc.
  3. Keep work area neat,clean and orderly.
  4. Carrot should not be rubbed with steel wool to remove outer skin because pieces of steel may come off in food and be eaten.
  5. Use French knife and board for chopping.
  6. Use cooking containers, such as steam table pans and casseroles, for serving foods when possible. The food will be more attractive, stay warm longer and save dish – washing, time and labour.
  7. Grind such foods as cheese and meats. This will save time and give uniform results.
  8. An egg slicer may be used to cut cooked carrots, potatoes,hard – boiled eggs, bananas and other soft foods.
  9. Use both hands to do a job whenever possible.
  10. Collect all food and equipment needed before beginning a job. 


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